Dr. Stefanie Kocher, specialist in general medicine and complementary methods

"From the start of the pandemic, I treated all my patients and left no one in the lurch, even though it was highly dangerous. Optimal protection has always been particularly important to me. 

Since I discovered the ALPHAMASK®, I have felt much freer when seeing my patients. It not only reliably protects both parties, but also enables optimal doctor-patient communication."


DDr. Klaus Krieber, dentist and maxillofacial surgeon

"In my job, it's especially important to have a clear view of what I’m doing. Glasses that mist up through conventional disposable masks kept hindering me in my work.

My assistants told me about the newly developed ALPHAMASK®. Since I've been using this, I've always had a clear view.

My assistants are also happy that they not only have a perfect view but can also communicate more freely with patients. This mask is also good for facial skin because it prevents inflammation."


Helena, saleswoman

"I am obliged to wear a mask in my job. The problems with conventional disposable masks are well known. For example, they can cause severe skin irritations and I find it difficult to breathe.

With the ALPHAMASK®, my skin can breathe again. Our chocolates also taste better with a smile."


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