ALPHAMASK® including filter set and USB-C charging cable

Article number: alphamask
189,00 €

The ALPHAMASK® is a half mask that allows an unobstructed view of the wearer, specially developed for professional users.

Product is supplied with a pre-installed filter set and a suitable USB-C charging cable for the ALPHAMASK® is included.

  • Skin-friendly and ergonomically shaped TPE mask body
  • New type of pane heating with intelligent temperature control, patent pending

ALPHAMASK® is pursuing the notion of ​​sustainability by using exchangeable filters. 

The longer service life of the mask body reduces waste compared to disposable masks, and the materials can be recycled according to type.

Please consult the enclosed illustrated, easy-to-understand, step-by-step ALPHAMASK® instructions for information on correct mask use and filter replacement.

The goods are shipped from the warehouse in Kalsdorf near Graz / Austria. The price does not include shipping costs.

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  • Other EU countries: 2-10 working days
  • Outside of the EU: 5-15 working days

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The ALPHAMASK®, developed and produced in Austria, complies with the highest filter and safety standards.