1. Replacing/fitting the respiratory filters

The respiratory filters must be correctly inserted before using the ALPHAMASK®
It is essential to ensure that the filters are correctly positioned.

Loosen the filter fixation band on both sides.

Disconnect the plug for the pane heating from the left side of the mask body.

Turn the mask so that the face shape is facing towards you. Remove used filters carefully.

Carefully insert new filters into the receptacle of the mask.

Note: Pay attention to the "Left/Right" markings.

Carefully pull the positioning dots into the TPE frame until the indicator mark appears on the inside of the mask.

Connect the pane heater-plug with the heated pane.

Note: indicator mark must be correctly aligned.

Press filter gently into the mask body and adjust the filter fixation band for snug fit.

2. Donning & adjusting the half mask

To ensure correct use of the ALPHAMASK®, the nose and mouth area must be properly covered and sealed with the half mask.

Insert USB-C plug and push the ON/OFF button to check battery status (1-4 LEDs) of the pane heating system.

Note: Use common USB-C cable to recharge battery.

Check that the head bands are symmetrical before donning the mask.

Adjust the head bands, pull the elastic straps in position.

Hold battery case with one hand and gently pull the half mask over your head using your second hand.

Cover nose and mouth with the half mask. Mask needs to be sealed on your face properly.

Note: Align head bands until it fits snugly in order to ensure comfortable and correct use.

Press ON/OFF button to activate pane heating.